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Acurel® Filter Media

Acurel Filter Media & Supply

Acurel Filter Media effectively remove colors, odors and toxins from your aquarium or pond, as well prevent the buildup of harmful gases in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Our carbons have been laboratory tested and proven to outperform ALL other carbons. They provide an excellent refill for all filter cartridges and media containers, and maintain their effectiveness for many times longer than other carbon forms.

Our 100% Polyester Filter Fiber performs better because it creates fewer gaps and will not degrade over time.

Acurel Filter Lifeguard Media Bags are the most cost effective “insurance” for your filter because the protect your expensive filter from damage caused by loose filter media.

Extreme Activated Filter Carbon – (Best)

Premium Activated Filter Carbon – (Better)

Economy Activated Filter Carbon – (Good)

Ammonia Away Green

Extreme Carbon + Ammonia Away Blend

Polyester Filter Fiber

Filter Lifeguard Media Bags